Vocab in context

24 02 2008

As we know, if we learn a piece of vocab and we don’t make use of it, we simply forget – and it simply stays as a PASSIVE Vocab.

In order to make passive vocab active, each week, after my CPE class, I’ll be posting a small text, using a certain topic discussed in class as well as using the CPE vocab that is required.

This week’s topic is: Friendship.


What are friends really for? How much can you count on a friend when being in a hardship? Does it come naturally to spot a fair-weather friend?

Many questions come to my mind when I think of friendship. One which tops all the answers is that friends are the family you’ve chosen, opposed to your real family, which you haven’t had much a choice in that matter. Thus, I can have the best people on earth next to me. We row, we fall out, we patch things up and we live and learn, all these processes are part and parcel of our upbringing and friends make this process a bit more enjoyable.

I simply adore gathering with my friends. We normally gather in a friend’s house, and there we can have drinks and chew the fat all night long. I fancy going to the cinema with them as well – all the discussions after it are unforgettable! Friends do make our lives a tad more interesting and a lot more enjoyable!

 I’m not paying lip service – friends are rather important to me. Without them, I’d lead gloomy, sombre life.


CAE exam resources

7 06 2007

Longman exam centre: www.longman.com/exams/teachers/index.html

CPE resources

7 06 2007

CPE resources

Longman exam centre: www.longman.com/exams/teachers/index.html

OnE wOrD cHaLlEnGe!!

13 05 2007


Having noticed this is one of your faves, I could not help posting more of it here. Have fun!

1. The authorities put up ______ all over town about the meeting.

    The barmaid never ______ him when he tries to catch her eye.

    The film got very good ______ but I found it disappointing.

2. Everyone had lots of fun at the village ______ .

    We had a ______ amount of sunshine last month.

    I usually make notes for an essay before I write a ______ copy.

3. She hopes to ______ a good job when she finishes her studies.

    In the 19th century, most people lived off the ______ .

    Why don’t we send him ahead to see how the ______ lies.

4. I don’t know how you can ______ it with your conscience, spending so much money on new shoes.

    I’ve just put up this picture, can you tell me if it’s  ______ ?

    I’m so hungry, I haven’t had a ______ meal for ages.

OnE wOrD oNlY!

29 04 2007


Think of one word which can be used appropriately in all three sentences.

1. The bodywork is a bit rusty but the engine is _________.

E-commerce shares are not considered to be a __________ investment.

There was a strange __________ followed by a complete silence.

2. There will be a _________ drop in the temperature when the night falls.

It will be very cold tomorrow in ___________ contrast to today.

He has a __________ eye for a bargain.




13 04 2007

Using Idiomatic Phrases studying.jpg

Write an idiomatic phrase that could be used to describe each of the following situations below. You will find one of the words in each idiom in brackets.

1. When her boss told her she was getting a pay rise, she looked very pleased with herself. [CREAM]

She ______________________________________________________________.

2. You don’t have to tell me that you’re upset. I can see it clearly in your face. [WRITTEN]

It’s ____________________________________________________________.

3. He makes such stupid mistakes sometimes; It’s difficult not to laugh. [STRAIGHT]

It’s difficult ______________________________________________________.

4. Life hasn’t been good for him lately and he’s feeling a bit depressed. [MOUTH]

He’s ___________________________________________________________.

5. I really don’t think she should be wearing those clothes at her age. She’s trying to look like a young woman. [MUTTON]

She’s __________________________________________________________.



Which one word fits all three sentences?

6 04 2007

1. This package meal …….. four, so we should have plenty for just three of us.

2. The dining table also …….. as a place to do work in the evening.

3. It …….. you right! I said you’d hurt yourself if you didn’t take care.